Further training opportunities

As an innovative company in the sector for custom machinery, we will always need the very best in their field as our employees in order to maintain our good name for market-oriented products and excellent quality.

We offer a variety of career development options for our employees, so that we will remain an attractive employer for excellent employees.
Our offering includes individualized qualification requirement planning for each employee, as well as foreign assignments for our trainees as part of their education.

We offer language courses to ensure that our employees will be on a par with any international expert.

We strive towards encouraging and challenging each and every one of our employees to reach his or her full potential.

Wir sind Mitglied im Unternehmensnetzwerk Erfolgsfaktor Familie.
Die Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf für unsere MitarbeiterInnen zu erleichtern, ist uns ein wichtiges Anliegen.



Education is a topic very close to our hearts

We assign much importance to excellent training and are continuously striving towards further improvement. That is why we periodically conduct trainee workshops with our apprentices and third level students, in which specialist knowledge and social competence are reinforced and promoted.

Fixed components of our training courses are foreign assignments, which serve to deepen the intercultural and linguistic competence of our trainees and students.


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