We are a competent partner for industrial leak test applications, test benches and testing systems of all kinds. Here you will find an initial overview of our products and can call up detailed information. Or if you prefer: simply contact us directly!

Leak Testing with Air and Trace Gas

The first step towards successful quality assurance with regards to leak testing or detection is selecting the correct type of testing method and test medium.
This section will provide you with the basics for making an informed decision.

Leak Test and Assembly Machines

for Cylinder Heads and Cylinder Blocks

Our range of products not only includes traditional transfer machines for the automotive sector, but also devices for the manual loading of a variety of workpieces.

Test Stands and Test Systems

for Automatic Transmissions

The testing of state-of-the-art transmission technology as either a system solution or standalone device is and important component in powertrain quality assurance.

Cold Test Stands and Cold Test Systems

for Internal Combustion Engines

Accepted as technology standard in motor production for years.

Hot Test Stands

for Internal Combustion Engines

Traditional motor inspection, required for quality assurance and production samples.

Test Panels for Actuators and Sensors

for Internal Cobustion Engines

Test panel for motor production, integrated into the assembly line or as an individual workstation.

Test Stands

for Exhaust Turbochargers

A final inspection of turbo chargers prior to delivery to the motor assembly facility is today considered technology standard. The evaluation of all relevant inspection characteristics using JWF software will guarantee the desired product quality for the manufacturer’s clients.

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