Leak Test Training

Seminar 2-2017:    19. - 21.9.2017
Seminar 1-2018:    17. - 19.4.2018
Seminar 2-2018:    18. - 20.9.2018

Theory and practice of leak testing

The course teaches students the skills required to operate JWF leak test panels:

•    Test volume
•    Leak rate
•    Test time
•    Test part behaviour
•    Temperature influence
•    Measurement system capability

1st Training Day
Theoretical principles
8.30 am to 4.00 pm

•    Aim of testing
•    Terms used
•    The different leak testing methods
•    Parameters
•    Criteria for jig construction
•    Limits of the method
•    Measurement process capability tests

2nd and 3rd Training Day
Practical Seminar
Both sessions run from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm

•    Operating the JWF leak test panels
•    Parameterisation in the different leak testing methods
•    Checking and maintaining the JWF leak test panels
•    Integrating the JWF leak test panels into a machine control system or a data network
•    PC programmes used in conjunction with the JWF leak test panels

Students taking part in the practical seminar should have a basic knowledge of leak testing gained from practical experience or should have attended the theoretical principles seminar.
Training in English can be provided on request.

Information, fees, dates and enrolment:

Ms. Karin Dotzauer
Telephone +49(0)711/ 797 66-752
Telefax +49(0)711/ 797 66-499

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