Function test stand for electrical air compressors

The JW Froehlich function test stand for testing electrical air compressors for fuel cell stacks is highly flexible. It is suitable as an end-of-line test stand for both small- and large-scale production. The machine design enables manual loading of the test parts or fully automated operation as a flow test stand. When the compact test stand has been set up on a machine bed including all measuring and power cabinets, it can meet changing requirements of the production environment.

One of the special characteristics of the test stand is its high type flexibility. The air supply can be retrofitted manually, so that electrical air compressors can be tested in various configurations: with single-stage and two-stage compressors, or with a compressor and a turbine. The rotational speed measurement is performed from the outside using a magnetic field probe. The maximum electrical supply is 45 kW, and expansion to higher performance levels is possible, as are different application-oriented modifications and extensions. The control unit channels (e.g. inverter) are read out via CAN or other standard communication interfaces.

Test methods and contents
  • Performance measurement of inverter and test part
  • Temperature measurement on individual volutes
  • Pressure measurement on individual volutes
  • Evaluation of control unit channels using CAN communication or general standards
  • Rotational speed measurement of test part with magnetic field probe (from the outside)
  • Cooling water control for flow
  • Cooling water conditioning for temperature
  • Air conditioning for temperature
  • Air bearing conditioning for temperature
  • Mass flow control and measurement
  • Voltage monitoring (HV and LV)
  • ESD-safe test stand design