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Leak test rigs

Leak testing has been one of our core skills since the founding of the company: Starting in 1966 with the first leak test rig for water pumps, through the classical stroke-step transfer machines up to the current highly complex and highly flexible robotic systems. Automatic checking for leaks in water cavities, oil cavities and fuel cavities of an engine, is carried out in leak test rigs. In doing so, the technology developed by JW FROEHLICH enables the desired test data to be quickly and precisely collected and compared with specifications. In the event of the stipulated being exceeded, the leaks are on a neighbouring work station and can thus be repaired. Once the test has been successfully repeated in the production line, the test part be fed back into the assembly process.

Our systems incorporated into existing processing or assembly line. We develop individual leak testing systems accordingly and create complex sealing elements tailored to customer requirements. Leak test panels developed by our company are installed in our leak test rigs and systems and optimally integrated into the test process.

Oil filling

JW FROEHLICH provides a variety of solutions for filling engines with oil, depending on cycle time and the degree of automation. After leak testing, this can be done either manually, fully automatically with feed units or, in the case of flexible systems, by means of a robot. Using our technology we are able to meet customer production demands for filling engines with oils of differing viscosity and composition.

Cold test stand

Cold testing is the current state of the art and has largely replaced hot testing for quality and functional testing due to its high environmental compatibility. The cold test is used within an assembly line to test whether the previous assembly step has been correctly carried out and whether the engine is functionally capable. In doing so the engine need not be fired up but rather can be turned over with an electric motor in passive operation. As with the leak test, we determine the limits for the OK and NOK window together with our customers. In doing so, we use our in-house developed, high-resolution Ethernet measurement technology and our own cold test software. This is distinguished by its low-maintenance and user-friendly nature and which allows individual database analysis. In addition, JW FROEHLICH cold test stands have a reputation for low-maintenance drive heads, specific measurement and control software, a highly flexible modular construction, potential separation for all measurement and control signals as well as a common vibration-insulated machine base, allowing sensitive and dynamic measurements.

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Measurement system, actuator/sensor test

JWF have developed high resolution measurement systems and analysis software for a variety of applications. For example, readings from noise analysis and turbocharger tests can be assessed in addition to mechanical, sensor and actuator test data.

As a supplement to the cold test within the assembly line, or as an individual station beside the line, we also offer modular test stations for engine production, which can be used to measure, control and regulate engine components.

Hot test stand

We have developed hot test stands for quality assurance sample testing of engines over the last forty years. The combustion engine is fired up and runs autonomously in the hot test stand, which is in contrast to the cold test whereby the engine is not fired.

Engine data is measured at varying levels of load and a short performance test is carried out to complete the hot test.

JW Froehlich software, incorporating menu-led parameter setting, enhances the testing process and a high level of automation of the media supply simplifies the operation of our hot test stand.