Stay on top of your testing at all times

With SOLVISO®, users from across the team have access to visualisation and analysis technology throughout the entire testing process. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the system is the new industry benchmark for secure and straightforward quality management.

Test monitoring

The SOLVISO® Live Viewer enables fast and reliable identification of test results. The clear layout and ergonomic design of the user interface prevent users from becoming fatigued.

Comparing test results

Reworkers and testing engineers benefit from the clear presentation of test results in the SOLVISO® Data Inspector, enabling them to produce fast and straightforward analyses of measurements and keep production on track.

Creating analyses

The SOLVISO® Data Analyzer makes for simpler empirical evaluation of testing series thanks to the customised structuring and visualisation of tendencies. Profit from attractive design options for presentation.

Defining quality parameters

Adjust limit values directly during the reworking process with the SOLVISO® Parameter Setter.


  • Web-based
    No client installation needed
  • Integrated
    Straightforward user administration thanks to IdentityProvider
  • Ease-of-use
    No dongle needed
  • Flexible
    Combine modules as needed, the right licence for each user role
  • Cost-effective
    Only pay what you use
  • Intuitive
    User-friendly interface design boosting efficiency
  • Powerful
    Combined expert know-how from all users continuously integrated
  • Up-to-date
    Twice yearly remote updates to install the latest features and enable reliable quality assurance
  • Secure
    Regular remote security updates

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