JW Froehlich will accompany you through your studies

JW Froehlich offers students various cooperative study courses or similar opportunities to link your studies directly to real-world practice, right from the very start.

With passion and competence you can come to the fore here in just three years: With a huge amount of practical experience in special machine building. We train with the Baden-Wuerttemberg cooperative state university in Stuttgart in the following courses:

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering, design and development)

(available 2019)

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrics, automation)

(available 2019)


Cooperative studies at the Esslingen university
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics, MechatronikCom model)

(available 2019)

Alternating between the technical university and the company, in three years you will acquire an internationally recognised Bachelor of Engineering certificate and an excellent chance of a permanent position. During your studies you will pass through all of the relevant departments of our company and in this way will obtain a comprehensive insight into all of the company processes.

Duration of the study

3 years (6 semesters at the DHBW in Stuttgart)<br/> 3.5 years (7 semesters at Esslingen technical university)

Technical university

Baden-Wuerttemberg cooperative state university in Stuttgart<br/> Esslingen technical university

Your profile

You have a very good (vocational) baccalaureate diploma, are inquisitive and open-minded and have a keen interest in technology as well as the ability to think analytically and logically.

For anyone who wants to go that one step further: Get started with IHK training and a bachelor's degree in mechatronics. We offer the ideal tools for a remarkable career.<br/> Prerequisite: Real passion for technology!

Duration of the study

5 years<br/> Esslingen technical university, Göppingen facility

Your profile

You have a very good (vocational) baccalaureate diploma, are inquisitive and open-minded and have a keen interest in technology as well as the ability to think analytically and logically.

In your technical department you will work on exciting projects in live operations, accompanied by our engineers from the planning through design and assembly and on to acceptance by the customer.

Our test rigs are assembled in-house. This enables the engineers to accompany the project entrusted to them from the design through to acceptance by the customer.

Innovative and fascinating special machine construction

Our product range encompasses computer-controlled test systems for engines and transmissions, transfer assembly machines as well as high-precision leak testing devices. Our products are one-off fabrications, which we develop, design and assemble in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Our company and our products stand for innovation, highest quality levels, customer specifications and superb service. Our expertise in special machinery construction and our performance is valued throughout the world by renowned automotive companies.

In order to remain at the forefront, our products demand a broad spectrum of technical competence from our engineers. We are looking for future engineers who can adapt flexibly to the customers' situations and who can enjoy accompanying projects throughout the complete run-time.

We offer continuous interesting and highly topical subjects for your final papers, for example:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Development of test concepts for alternative drive technologies
  • Integration of modern IT solutions in the field of control technology
  • Helium leak testing
  • Cold testing of HGV engines

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