Offering machine engineers unbeatable support in commissioning leak test panels

Commissioning new equipment often comes at a very high cost for machine engineers – particularly when specialist skills are required. This is certainly true for test stations with integrated leak test panels, as all compressed air connections, seals and chambers must themselves be sufficiently tight. An experienced and skilled expert is needed to assess if all requirements for commissioning are met.

Efficient and flexible: remote service

The exclusive Premium Remote Service for JW Froehlich’s customers is an exceptionally efficient tool for this process, offering full external support based on data analysis. Your on-site plant engineer can then take the steps needed for smooth commissioning based on the findings delivered by the Premium Remote Service. Connecting to the service is simple thanks to the plug-and-play hardware and software provided.

JW Froehlich Premium Remote Service – Your benefits

  • cost savings
  • time savings
  • prompt expert support by our experienced service engineers during commissioning and parameterisation as well as maintenance and servicing
  • affordable Premium Remote Service package including hardware for you to keep on-site
  • set number of support hours included

JW Froehlich Premium Remote Service – Usage requirements

  • qualified on-site employee as our point of contact
  • stable internet connection (4G mobile network, 3 MB per minute)
  • Premium Remote Service package (hardware and software)