Special functions

JW Froehlich provides various special functions with the leak test panels, which are either installed in the series equipment or can be added as options. You can adapt the leak test panels optimally to your particular performance requirements with the help of these special functions. JW Froehlich has the right solution for every application.

Master-slave concept

  • Measurement equipment close to the measurement process
  • Individual & space-saving machine planning
  • Central visualisation by means of panel PC

Master-less checking

  • No requirement for a master part
  • Simple handling
  • Checking duration can be freely selected
  • Can be pre-selected on a time or quantity basis

Auto-parameter module

  • Automatic parameterising through leak test panels
  • Automatic review of the checking of the test parameters
  • Checking the test parameters
  • Only basic technical knowledge required

Volume-dependent leak testing

  • Special test procedure for parts without test connection

Back pressure test

  • Special test procedure for testing bores and bore cross-sections

Internal leak testing

  • Special test procedure for testing for internal leaks between two test chambers (e.g. between water chamber and oil chamber)

Radial shaft leak testing

  • Special test procedure for testing radial shaft sealing rings e.g. on combustion engines

Pressure equalisation element testing

  • Special test procedure for testing the presence and permeability of pressure equalisation membranes