The QS-MultiStation is ideal for performing semi-automated tests on individual parts and medium-sized series. The test stand has a standardised basic structure with a modular design and the option to quickly change the set-up when switching between different tasks during testing.

The QS-MultiStation is a cost-effective solution combining our partner neuburger.technik’s extensive experience in complex test devices with our proven expertise in leak testing.


Suitable for many types of testing

Whether you’re working with products from the automotive industry, e-mobility, solar technology, medical technology or mechanical engineering, you can use the QS-MultiStation for leak testing and/or function testing in the following areas:

  • Pre-development testing
  • Individual part testing 
  • Small series testing
  • Leak testing following repairs

A modular system to suit you

The flexible QS-MultiStation can be adapted in line with your requirements. The test devices are individual in their design and can be replaced in no time when switching between different tasks during testing.

The built-in leak test panel can be used for the following measurement procedures as required:

  • Pressure decay/rise method
  • Relative/differential pressure method
  • Mass flow rate method

Built-in Series 500 leak test panel

The QS-MultiStation comes with a built-in Series 500 leak test panel, which is easy to operate and can be relied upon to deliver accurate measurement data. External equipment such as code scanners and printers can be connected too with ease. Highlights include:

  • Easy operation using the 7” touchscreen
  • Option to add external sensors, pressure regulators and valves via a CAN bus
  • A binary I/O interface or fieldbus interface allowing for data to be transferred to and from a higher-level control system
  • Storage of the last 100,000 measurements
  • Statistical evaluation of test results

Central access to the installation level on the back of the QS-MultiStation ensures that maintenance is straightforward. Remote support is available.

Compact, attractive, safe

The sturdy and attractive aluminium base frame with rounded edges is so compact that it can be transported on Euro pallets. And yet there’s plenty of storage space for extra equipment, such as helium test equipment.

The clever cable and tube guides keep everything looking neat and tidy. There’s even a built-in earthed socket for powering external devices. Built-in workstation lights ensure that the lighting conditions are just right. And the sophisticated safety concept guarantees safe and ergonomic working conditions.

Further information and specifications

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