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09/19/2019 | Aktuelles
Jubiläumssommer 750 Jahre Leinfelden / Firmenbesichtigung
Blick hinter die Kulissen - Firmenbesichtigung bei der JW Froehlich GmbH. mehr

Leak test panels

Get an overview of measurement processes and the series of leak test panels from JW Froehlich.


Assembly & testing systems

Find out about our selection of special machines in the field of test equipment and assembly systems..


School pupils & students

JW Froehlich offers young people an ideal start in the professional world, regardless of whether they are apprentices, trainees or students.


Working at JW Froehlich

People are our focus here at JW Froehlich and that is why we offer various benefits to our employees for personal further development or pension scheme. In addition we also have various alliances.



Spürnase für digitale Innovationen

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JW Froehlich Maschinenfabrik GmbH quality of training has been recognised by a training certificate from the federal employment agency

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Great atmosphere at the 11th DEE-AOK company fun-run in Stuttgart

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