2015 - to date

The 'Hidden Champion' of the industry

In 2015, JW Froehlich celebrated a double anniversary: 50 years of JW Froehlich and 40 years of JW Froehlich UK. Due to the continuous growth in orders an additional site was purchased in Stetten in this anniversary year. Whilst robot-controlled and classical testing and assembly systems continue to be designed and built, the company is also developing the first solutions in the field of electrical drives to meet present and future customer needs. There was also a further expansion of the product range in the leak test panel area: The range of leak test panels has also been expanded with the 500 series, based on the latest technology and of compact design, being launched onto the market in the autumn of 2017.

2005 – 2014

Repurchase and expansion of a continuously flourishing company

In 2006 JW Froehlich repurchased all company shares thus making the company self-sufficient once again. Just one year later the employees were given the opportunity to buy company shares. The breaking of ground for the foundation building in Leinfelden and the establishment of the USA branch, "JW Froehlich Inc." occurred at the same time. In 2008, the company established itself in China with "JW Froehlich Shanghai Co. Ltd.". JW Froehlich increasingly integrated the latest robotic technology into the production of their testing and assembly systems and designed special machines for the most complex of requirements.

1995 – 2004

Excellent supplier with environmentally-friendly technology

Within a few years, JW Froehlich was presented with an award from three separate customers: GM (1995), Ford (2000) and DaimlerChrysler (2002) presented awards to their testing and assembly system supplier for the excellent quality of their products and services. JW Froehlich designed the first cold test rigs for Daimler-Benz, enabling the testing of engines without having to start them: a milestone in testing technology. The good balance sheet for the serial manufacturing and the sales of the leak test panels also warranted a further new-build in Leinfelden: The six-storey leak test centre was erected. The sites in Plochingen and the UK also expanded their company premises due to the good order situation and the resultant capacity bottlenecks.

1985 – 1994

25 years as a technological pioneer in the industry

The success of JW Froehlich continued unabated through the middle and end of the 80s too and the company reached the limits of the space available to them: In 1989 the company erected the 5-storey engineering centre in Leinfelden for the control and leak test panels departments. In 1989 a new assembly hall was built in Plochingen with additional office spaces. In 1990 the company was already able to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In 1991 whilst JW Froehlich Maschinenfabrik seized the moment to realign its boundaries by acquiring the neighbouring property in Leinfelden thus further increasing their plot, the company disposed of its site in Brazil in 1992. In 1993, all of the JW Froehlich company shares were sold to the Ex-Cell-O group whilst in parallel it was able to open its own factory in the UK. It was planned to tap into the Asiatic market though a joint venture in China. The development and production of various test and assembly stations and systems continued to be in demand from the most influential automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

1975 – 1984

First step into the international market

The success of JW Froehlich resulted in the next, necessary expansion: In 1975, JW FROEHLICH UK Ltd. was founded and in Brazil shares in KK EQUIPAMENTOS Ltda. were acquired. And, in Germany, there was further expansion: The assembly hall in Leinfelden could be doubled in size in 1979 thanks to the healthy order situation and in Plochingen a new office building was erected. Both product branches flourished: In the machinery construction division hot test systems were now being increasingly built in small series. With the leak test panels, the range was further developed with the series 30 electronic leak test panels and then in 1982 with the MPS 40 microprocessor leak test panel.

1965 – 1974

Micro-leck-test: A flying start is made

In 1965, Josef W. Fröhlich laid the foundation stone of his company with the invention of the "micro-leck-test" leak test panel. And it did not take long before there was a customer demand for complete test rigs: As "JW Froehlich LECKTESTTECHNIK", the company started to develop leak testing machines for renowned automotive manufacturers such as Daimler-Benz, VW, Nissan, Fiat, Ford and Audi. Amongst other things, at this time Daimler-Benz placed an order for the world's first computer-controlled EOL test rig for NAG1 automatic transmissions. This was followed by a further expansion in space for capacity reasons: After the company settled in Leinfelden in 1967, it acquired the first assembly hall just one year later and in 1970 its own factory in Kohlhammerstraße in Leinfelden, where the headquarters are located to this day. After the expansion of the factory and administration, a second site was opened in Plochingen in 1974. In the same year, the company changed its name to JW FROEHLICH Maschinenfabrik GmbH.