Employer-financed pension plan

Once the employee has turned 30 and has been employed for 5 years, JW Froehlich Maschinenfabrik GmbH finances the company pension for their employees in the form of a direct insurance scheme.

Payment conversion

Within the scope of a framework agreement with the Württembergischen Versicherung insurance company, all employees have the option to convert their own gross payment into a pension scheme and thus save tax and social insurance costs. 

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Pension contributions

The company pays your pension contributions (formerly "capital-forming payments"), in the amount of € 26.59 per month. These are lodged in a pension fund with the Württembergischen Versicherung insurance company. The funds are paid out upon retirement, as with a direct insurance scheme. The pension can be concluded once you have been an employee for 6 months.

Employees' healthcare

  • We provide occupational medical and health care for our employees.
  • Costs for individual work aids, even beyond the scope of the legal minimum requirements, will be borne by the company (e.g. for individual hearing protection, etc.).
  • Health-promoting events such as company fun-runs, football tournaments, hikes, bike tours, etc. are initiated and supported by JW Froehlich.
  • Support in the event of illness, progressive tariffs.